In the Church, one is a member of Christ’s Body the Church through baptism. To be a member of Calvary Church, you do not need to be baptized, but we do request your contact information, which you may provide on the visitor’s card available in the pews, so that we can send you news of the church. Also, members are expected to attend church rather regularly, participate in the life of the church in some way, and commit financially to the church through a regular pledge.

If you wish to be baptized or confirmed, please contact the rector. For information on what baptism is about, you may consult the Book of Common Prayer, page 298 and following, which contains both the instructions and the promises to God that one makes at baptism. Confirmation is considered to be a “mature commitment to the promises made at baptism” and is usually for persons who were baptized as infants, when their parents or guardians made those promises on behalf of the baptized infant.

If you have been already confirmed at a sacramental church (for example, Lutheran or Roman Catholic), you may be received into the Episcopal Church. Both confirmation and reception generally will take place at a Cincinnati-wide service in the spring, or during one of the Bishop’s visitation to the parish.

Baptism can take place at Calvary by one of the priests, usually at one of the principal church feast days such as Easter, Pentecost, and Epiphany, but can take place on any Sunday depending on family convenience. Baptism is considered to be a public celebration of initiation into Christ’s Body, and so we generally do not have private baptisms. Please see a priest if you are interested in baptism or confirmation.