Calvary Church Outline of transition process 

Tentative Date

Task or Event


Transition team, advisory and overseeing group, forms


“Profile gatherings” planned and scheduled, by Joanna and diocesan transition minister


Profile committee chosen by vestry and commissioned, to gather information and create profile for web (5-8 persons)


Congregational survey made available online and on paper, one month to complete

December 25

Christmas Day


Profile gathering #1: Church size and life cycle theories and how they impact church structure and call of rector


Annual Meeting


Profile gathering #2: Heritage: how you got here


Profile gathering #3: Hallmarks of a healthy congregation

March 1

Ash Wednesday

Wednesdays in Lent: March 8, 15, 22, 29, April 5

Images of Jesus: How we view Jesus and why it matters

Lenten program combining parish discernment and spiritual discernment; member input goes into development of parish profile


Names for Search Committee are solicited by and/or nominated to Vestry.


Search Committee members chosen, charged with tasks, and commissioned


Profile gathering #4: Parish identity and core values, identified


Holy Week




Profile gathering #5: Generation theory


Profile gathering #6: Goals and mission, a look at your future

Prior to completion of meetings

Paperwork (by-laws, 5-year projected budget, financial audit) sent to diocesan transition minister for review


Parish Profile written, with information taken from parish meetings, research by profile committee (demographics, pledge history, etc.)

Prior to posting

Diocesan transition minister meets with vestry to review compensation and benefits; vestry sets compensation range (negotiation limits determined by vestry)

After first draft

Draft of profile, and completed updated website, submitted to bishop for review and approval. Final draft approved by Vestry


Parish information form, and questions, completed by search committee, for submission to OTM (Office of Transitional Ministry) website as part of the parish portfolio


Profile and OTM portfolio posted on “national” OTM website for broadcast

When it’s done

Profile completed and posted online on web once approved

Closes 8 weeks after posting

Application time: around 8 weeks depending on season. All applications submitted to diocese for initial vetting; all applicants must use diocesan application form (no applications sent to parish)


Search process accelerates: interview training during application period, names received by diocese and vetted, then given to search committee at one time

7-10 days later

Transition Minister meets with search committee, providing vetted names


Interviews, visits (candidates here, search committee to parishes of candidates) by search committee. Meet/greet candidate (not an interview) with vestry. Meeting is confidential and not made public. Background checks done.


Contact with diocese: Single name submitted to vestry for decision.



Vestry elects the next rector, contacts bishop following election.  Senior warden contacts the rector-elect with the news


Letter of Agreement created and signed, following search committee recommendation. No public announcement until LoA is signed by all parties involved. This work can begin with diocesan transition minister prior to final recommendation to vestry


Announcement may now be made to parish


Search committee and transition priest appropriately thanked; transition priest departs prior to arrival of new rector



Confidentiality during this process of calling a Rector must be absolute. The process should be transparent and well communicated to the congregation as the process proceeds; names, places and any other identifying information must remain confidential.

Our diocesan contact is the Rev. Canon Lynn Carter-Edmands, Canon for Formation and Transitions. She may be contacted at any time during this process. Where noted in the timeline, she must be contacted.