At Calvary, we proudly proclaim that we are “an open and welcoming people of faith.” That means not only that we welcome guests, visitors, newcomers and old-timers with open arms. It also means that we actively invite persons of all stripes to come and be with us in worship, fellowship, and service. No matter where you come from, what you look like, who you are, and what you believe, we welcome and embrace you.

So an important part of our church life is to provide hospitality to all persons who enter our doors. The red doors on the outside of the church mean, simply, “WELCOME.” In particular, Calvary’s hospitality team coordinates the provision of food on Sundays after coffee hours, at certain educational and informational events, and at other times when needed. We believe that when we break bread together, we recognize our unity as people of God. If you enjoy working in the kitchen, this is the volunteer work made in heaven.

Calvary’s Kitchen Crewe consists of a team of persons who have offered to provide hospitality for certain smaller events such as small funeral receptions and church meetings. Edy Dreith coordinates this team.