Calvary is blessed with an excellent group of leaders. Here are the persons responsible for various areas of governance, maintenance, ministry, and community-building in the church.



The Rev. Joanna Leiserson, Interim Rector
Joanna has been serving as intentional interim rector at Calvary since June, 2016. Calvary is currently in the process of creating the portfolio as it seeks a new rector. Please go to this page (link here) for more information.

  Judy  Gardner, Parish Administrator
Judy is responsible for maintaining the office, coordinating the various tasks needed for smooth operation of the church, creating worship materials, editing the weekly electronic newsletter The Chimes and other church communications, and coordinating and maintaining the calendar of events. She is the go-to person for secretarial, managerial, and coordination issues, and also serves as receptionist. She works on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Howard Helvey, Organist and Choirmaster
Howard serves as both organist and choirmaster at Calvary, responsible for playing the organ on Sundays and at other times when requested, and for directing the parish choir. However, he is also a composer, arranger, and pianist, and his own music is often played at worship services. In addition, he oversees the choral scholar and organ scholar program at Calvary. For more information about Howard and his work, click here. (link to that long page in the current website)

Sally Englebert, Family and Children Ministries Coordinator
Sally coordinates all activities, events, and programs involving children and families. This includes the Sunday School program Godly Play, monthly family fun nights, and other intergenerational events. She also helps to lead the family worship services on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Edy Dreith, Calvary Community
Edy serves in a unique position that has been created especially for Calvary Church, as befits the parish’s love of community, fellowship, and welcome. Currently, her responsibility is to coordinate various parish activities including picnics, receptions, and parties; to oversee the Calvary Kitchen Crewe, which prepares food for limited events; to support the creative ideas of members who want to “do a new thing” at Calvary; and to be a creative force in conceiving, birthing, hatching, and nurturing new ideas that might take root at Calvary for the benefit of its members and the community.



A number of ordained clergy make their home at Calvary and often lead worship services, either on a regular basis or upon request by the rector. Whether they are retired and have offered to serve when needed, or without a regular parish have called Calvary their home, we are grateful for their ministry with us.

The Rev. Canon Wilson Willard
The Rev. John Morrison
The Rev. Deacon Gary Givler
 The Rev. Robert Moore
The Rt. Rev. Nedi Rivera



The Vestry is the lay governing body of the church. It consists of nine elected members, plus a Junior Warden and a Senior Warden. The church treasurer may be a member of the Vestry, or may be one who is appointed by the Vestry. The Vestry makes policy decisions; helps to define and articulate the mission of the congregation; supports the church’s mission by word and deed; selects the rector; ensures effective organization and planning; and manages resources and finances.

Currently serving are:

  • ·         Daren Grayton, Senior Warden
  • ·         Duane Lewis, Junior Warden
  • ·         Helene Ault, class of 2020
  • ·         David Berger, class of 2019
  • ·         Maris Bernard-MacLachlan, class of 2019
  • ·         David Dreith, class of 2019
  • ·         Nan Hauck, class of 2018
  • ·         Abby Moran, class of 2020
  • ·         Bob Smith, class of 2020
  • ·         Nick Snow, class of 2018



Delegates to the Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio represent Calvary Church in the deliberations of the diocese, especially with regard to the election of clergy and lay persons in various governing bodies of the diocese, and with regard to the deliberation and approval of resolutions submitted at convention.

At Calvary, for the 14th annual Convention taking place in Cincinnati on Friday and Saturday, November 10 and 11, the delegates are: 

  • ·         Stephen Clarson
  • ·         Jane Paraskovopoulous
  • ·         Miriam Bible



Besides the work of the church staff and the Vestry, Calvary is comprised of many ministries, led by the following persons:

  • ·         Altar Guild: Caroline Bieser
  • ·         Chalice bearers, readers and intercessors: Dick Sinninger
  • ·         Coffee hour: Bob and Nan Hauck
  • ·         Finance: Bob Smith
  • ·         Flowers: Phyllis Reid
  • ·         Ushers and greeters: Stephen Clarson
  • ·         Hospitality: Bob and Nan Hauck
  • ·         Nursery: Helene Ault
  • ·         Outreach: David Meyer
  • ·         Sunday sexton: Dan Ames