“Stewardship” has to do with overseeing and protecting something considered to be worth caring for and preserving. Is Calvary, with its joyful spirit and its deeply rooted attentiveness, worth caring for and preserving?

It’s not just giving money to pay for services or benefits that the church can give to us. It’s about caring for and preserving a precious treasure for future generations, and nurturing a church that is, honestly, a jewel in the diocese. And it’s about giving back to God the good gifts that God has given to us, through the church.

The ingathering of pledges traditionally takes place in the fall, as the church begins to prepare its budget for the upcoming year. When you consider making a pledge—a commitment to keep your church alive and well—remember that you are not “buying” a year at Calvary. You are preserving and caring for a treasure, not only for your own enjoyment and spiritual fulfillment, but for your children and your children’s children.

Why is it important to make a pledge to your church? Here are some reasons:

Stewardship is a matter of trust. Stewardship is about taking good care of what is entrusted to you, whether it is your home, your pet, the planet earth, or your church and spiritual home. It isn’t just about giving money—although money is needed to ensure the survival and prosperity of your trust.

Stewardship is a time to care. There is a lot to care about at Calvary. Calvary is in your memories, your life stories, and of course in your friendships and relationships. Calvary is a gem in the neighborhood and in the city of Cincinnati. It is a gem in the spirit of all of the people who have worshiped here and who worship here now.

Stewardship is a matter of commitment. In a culture where we are increasingly reluctant to commit to things like relationships, alma maters, and hometowns, we may be counter-cultural when we affirm our commitments to things that are important to us.  But loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment are holy qualities, as God is loyal, faithful, and committed to us. And sometimes, it just feels good to be able to affirm our priorities!

Pledging is important because, for practical reasons, we cannot create a budget based on loose Sunday offerings. We need written pledges on which we can rely, to be able to plan financially for the year. A pledged commitment makes a big difference. If you are accustomed to giving regularly without pledging, please consider making a pledge as a commitment to your church.